Development and Preparation of evaluation samples, perfectly adapted to your needs 

Do you need to prepare high quality samples for instrumental evaluation?

As a research and assessment laboratory, SP Equation prepares all the samples for hair assessment that you need for instrumental evaluation of your products, and can also develop specific samples for cosmetics or make-up.

SP Equation can also help you define your samples according to the tests you wish to run and can also help you find the best technical and financial techniques or methods to carry them out.

Discover our fields of intervention:

1 - Supplying with natural hair tresses

2 - Preparation of different level of damaged hair (bleaching, perming)

3 - Specific treatments on hair swatches (Surfactant, Sebum)

4 - Preparation of eyelash samples made from hair or artificial fibers

5 - Development and production of specific evaluation tools according to customer needs

6 - Traceability of prepared samples