Hair instrumental evaluation - Evaluation samples preparation - Counselling & project management

SP Equation,
our expertise for Cosmetics

In an ever more technological world, in which perfecting new products should always be faster and more efficient, companies focus on the heart of their field, and entrust partners with the task of accompanying them in various stages of their projects.

Founded in 2008, SP Equation is a research laboratory for instrumental evaluation in the fields of Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene Products, takes part in the approach, and makes it the heart of its activity to serve companies.


Aware of the issues of its clients, SP Equation delivers its know-how and expertise in different fields:

Counselling and project management in special machines and laboratory automation

Preparing samples for evaluation

Developing and performing evaluation tests

Our commitments and maximum proximity with our clients guarantee a real partnership that favors great success.

Accuracy &

Expertise &

Individual support program &
customer care

SP Equation, a local player committed to vulnerable people

Since 2008, SP Equation has adopted an interdependent approach and contributes to create jobs for economically vulnerable people, via the ESAT (French Support and Work Assistance Establishment) “Le Tremplin de l’Atlantique’.

In this approach, SP Equation makes annual donations to Ressource, an association which supports people affected with cancer and their families providing care as wellness treatment and therapeutic assistance.

They trust us